Arts Advisor

Known as "the artistic director with a calculator" Mr. Figueroa made his mark at the age of 26, as the youngest Artistic Director of a Professional Ballet Company in the United States in 1973.

Since then he has been the director of dance companies, college dance programs and businesses.

Mr. Figueroa has the business sense along with the artistic sensitivity to know how to bring both together. The Artistic side of art organizations needs to be aware of their funding restrictions while the board/business side must keep the artistic vision of the company as the central mantra. In other words business and art entities need to work as a team with the artistic vision as the goal.

Alfonso Figueroa has been instrumental in the development of financial and long range planning for arts organizations. He has developed clear structures for board development, advisor boards, management, public relations, fund raising strategies through, corporate, individual and government resources as well as all the aspects of producing high quality dance performances.

He has held seats as an advisor to the Illinois State Arts Council, Indiana State Arts Council and the New Jersey State Arts Council.