Mr. Figueroa's choreography has been described as "intelligent", "spontaneous", "musical", "inventive", "entertaining", "witty", "diverting", "exciting", "skillful", "original", "strangely compelling", "imaginative" and "stunning".

He has been noticed by Clive Barnes, The New York Times, The New England News, Boston After Dark, The Christian Science Monitor, Birmingham News and London Times to name a few. His work has been described as:

"Nutcracker Soars Ever Onward," "There probably is no question that the biggest holiday performance spectacle of them all is still the Peoria Ballet Company's "Nutcracker", which keeps getting bigger and better and more professional year by year." Review by Jerry Klein of the Journal Star, about the Nutcracker Ballet directed and choreographed by Alfonso Figueroa.

"Breathtaking Ballet," "Fantasies, fables and forms all come alive in ballet." Review by Bill Knight of the Journal Star, about the season performances directed and choreographed by Alfonso Figueroa

"Alphonso Figueroa - a late bloomer", feature story on Alfonso Figueroa by Valerie Restive, Boston Herald Traveler.

"Choreographer puts dreams on stage," Feature story on Alfonso Figueroa's making of his striking ballet about dreams, Visions Fugitives by Julie Goldmsith, Indianapolis News.