Classic and Contemporary Ballets for larger casts

JEUX DE CARTES (1974) Boston Ballet Premier, performed by Birmingham Ballet (1975)

Music: Stravinsky - Juex De Cartes
Costumes: Francois Barbeau
Choreographer: Alfonso Figueroa

A semi narrative, comedic ballet in 5 movements for 26 dancers, with brilliant costume design by Bob Demora, in a Kafka like scenario, the ballet depicts a literal poker game, in which the dancers are the actual playing cards.

THE NUTCRACKER (1978) Sarasota Ballet / (1984) Illinois Peoria Ballet Company / (1994) First Coast Nutcracker-Jacksonville / (1999) Melrose Ballet.

Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker

Traditional, full length, classical ballet in two acts.

IVES SYMPHONY (1975) Birmingham Ballet Debut, Bi Centennial American Composers Festival, performed by Illinois Peoria Ballet (1984)

Music: Charles Ives - First Symphony

Non narrative, neo classic contemporary ballet, in 3 movements.

ENAMORANZA (1981) Alfonso Figueroa Ballet Debut - New York City, performed by Illinois Peoria Ballet (1987), (featured in an Emmy nominated segment of "La Plaza" (1981) and "Jubilos" a national WGBH PBS Boston Special featuring 3 works by Alfonso Figueroa. (1982)

Music: Hector Campos Parsi

Semi narrative, Neo Classic ballet in three movements, with a nuptial theme.

HUES (1971) Boston Ballet Premier, Jacob’s Pillow, performed by Birmingham Ballet (1973), Illinois Peoria Ballet (1984), featured in European Premier-Edinburgh International Performing Arts Festival one of three Alfonso Figueroa Ballets performed by the Scottish American Ballet (1989)

Music: Prokofiev - Concerto in D Minor
Choreography: Alfonso Figueroa

A non narrative, dramatic ballet, for 10 dancers in three movements: Indigo, Fuscia, Lilac, capturing the mood of each color, in the London Press as "rich and unmissable".

THOROUGHFARE (1971) Boston Ballet Premier

Music: Stravinsky - Concerto for Piano and Wind Orchestra
Costumes: Virginia Williams
Choreography: Alfonso Figueroa

Choreographic Debut. Non narrative ballet in three movements for 8 dancers, in a contemporary ballet style.

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